Guide Ty Selk - Hunter Lenny Ostreicher

Guide Ty Selk with a awesome bighorn ram


Hunter - Kyler Nelson


Kyler Nelson with his nine and Half year old ram!


Skip Selk doing what he loves



Ty with Kyler Nelson 's beautiful ram!


Jojo's 7 1/2 yr old ram

Guided by: Ty



Victor Engel with his 7 1/2 yr old ram

Guided by: Skip


         Cris Maxwell   Chris Maxwell

Chris Maxwell with his 8 1/2 yr old ram

Guided by: Skip and Logan

       Doug Allen   Doug Allen

Doug Allen with his 7 1/2 yr old ram

Guided by: Skip

       Dean Cunningham   Dean Cunningham

Dean Cunningham  Dean Cunningham

Dean Cunningham with his 11 1/2 yr old ram

Guided by: Skip

       Mel Roe   Mel Roe

Mel Roe with his 9 1/2 yr old ram

Guided by: Ty

Grant Hunter

Grant Hunter

Grant Hunter with his 7 1/2 yr old ram

Guided by: Skip and Logan

Ty Selk

Ty Selk with his 7 1/2 yr old ram

  Logan Hunt   Logan Hunt

Logan Hunt with his 7 1/2 yr old ram

Guided by: Ty


Some pictures from the season

Skip and Maggie

Skip and Maggie


 First Snow


First snow fall of the 2014 season

 Skip and Logan

Skip and Logan with Jack (rear) and Maggie





Guide - Kyle Heyland
Hunter - Brandon Swift

Guide - Skip Selk
Hunter - Martin Rahn

Guide - Skip Selk
Hunter - Martin Rahn

Guide - Kyle Heyland with Terry Goodell's ram

Hunter - Terry Goodell with his awesome ram!

Guide - Skip Selk
Hunter - Trevor Kelly

Guides - Skip Selk + Tony Mihaly
Hunter - Mark Dickson

Guides - Skip Selk + Tony Mihaly
Hunter - Mark Dickson

Guide - Skip
Sell hunter - Dustin Basaraha

Guide - Skip
Sell hunter - Dustin Basaraha

Dustin Basaraha and Guide Helper, Logan Hunt

Dustin and Skip with Dustin's 38" B&C ram

Hey skip here are my pics of my ram from my hunt... It was a dream come true for me when i got too finally put my hands on him thank you very much for the opportunity too hunt with ur outfit... I had a amazing time in the hills with kyle and ur set up... Congrats too on the ram u guys got when i was down there too... I will be returning too go on another hunt with u guys when i can get another tag... If u would like too use me as a reference i would be more then happy too...My number is 1-780-933-5015 Jeff Kelly...

Marvin Kottman and his beautiful full curl bighorn!

Marvin awith his awesome ram!
Assistant Guide - Jayce Wilson

Marvin Kottman
Guide/Outfitter - Skip Selk

Ray Melon with his absolutely beautiful full curl ram.
Guide - Ty Selk.
"After about 8 trips, I finally got my bighorn sheep. There will be lots of great memories from this trip and I could not be happier with my ram!" - Ray Melon

David with his awesome Big Horn Trophy!

Doyle David and Ty Selk

Ty Selk with Doyle's Trophy Big Horn.

Hunter, Doyle David and Guide, Ty Selk with another
incredible full curl ram! Congrats Doyle and Nice Work Ty!

Hunter Tod Beckman and Guide Ty Selk

Guide Ty Selk and Outfitter Skip Selk with Tod's full curl ram!

Ty packing out Tod's ram

Ty Selk, Tod, and Skip with Tod's awesome ram

Michel Kuri Jr. and guide Kyle Heyland.

Kyle with Michel Jr.'s ram.

Awesome picture guys! Great job!

Michel Sr. and Michel Jr. with their help,
guides Kyle Heyland and Johny Perozac.

Guide, Kyle Heyland, and hunter Michel Kuri Sr. with his
Grand Slam Ram!

A very happy hunter with his Grand Slam Ram!

Another look at Michel Sr.'s ram.

Gilles Bulduc with his great ram!

Outstanding guide, Kyle Heland, and Gilles ram.

Guide, Kyle Heland, with Gilles ram.

Another look at Gilles ram.

We had a cancellation, and Tracey booked with us last minute and got his Grand Slam Ram!

Tracey's guide was long time friend and great guide,
Allan Jones.

Wade Boggs and Skip Selk with Wade's ram.
Good job, Wade!

Another look at Wade's ram.

Bob Weaver and a long awaited ram.

Guide, Kyle Heyland, and Bob Weaver
with Bob's ram.

Guide, Kyle Heyland, with Mike Klein's ram.
Good job Kyle!

Skip Selk, Tom Muza, and Kyle Heland with Tom's ram.
One very happy oufitter, hunter, and guide!

Tom Muza with his Grand Slam Ram.

Guide, Kyle Heyland, with Tom's ram.

Mike Klein with his ram.

Mike Klein, ready to head out!

Paul Hoogeboom / guide Skip Selk

Ralp Moulton / guide Skip Selk

Brother in laws  Paul Hoogeboom & Ralph Moulton got a double wammy! guide Skip Selk

Another look at
Ralph's Trophy

Hunter Rick Provencial/guide -  Kyle Heyland

Hunter Rick Provencial/guide -  Kyle Heyland

This is our chief cook and bottle washer "Tony Mihaly" with his awesome ram!  Good job Tony!

Another look at
Tony's Trophy!

Jeff Keim/guide Allan Jones

Guide Allan Jones with Jeff's Trophy!

For a closer look at this and some other
fine TROPHY Rams click here!

Hunter - Jim Schuler with his Grand Slam Ram
Guide - Kyle Hyland

Guide - Kyle Heyland with this awesome Alberta Bighorn! Good work Kyle!

Outfitter - Skip Selk and Guide Kyle Heyland
with nice ram

Some of Selk's Alberta Bighorns prime sheep country.

Off to sheep spike camp.

Kevin Kretzmann with his beautiful ram!
This ram was taken on the 13th day of his 13 day hunt!