- Journal -

Hello Everbody,

I have been absolutely terribe at keeping this journal updated unlike my over ambitious brother "Grant" at Buck Paradise!  My husband won't post either pretty much for the reason that he can't type, it is about as much fun to watch him as it is to watch paint dry.

We have had a very crazy busy year. First of all I will say we had a pretty decent year, killing two sheep, along with a couple misses. We also took two great mule deer bucks, I wish we had 10 more of those tags. 
One of the best things that happend this year is that our son"Ty" started sheep guiding and he not only guided a client to his ram but he guided both harvested rams!!!  Dad was very proud and so was Ty, he had been waiting all his life for that day!!!
Reason for this summer being so crazy  is that we moved out of Alberta back to Saskatchewan, it was a huge move, making several long 7 hour trips to get everything over here.  We moved into a house that we renovated the entire main floor, we only moved in a month ago, it still isn't completely finished but is liveable.  It has been a very stressful summer as if something could have gone wrong it did!  I am so thankful Skip was away guiding for the summer and missed it all. He just caught the tail end and that was enough.
Our daughter "Joelene" didn't take to the move to well but is coming around!  I am sure one day she will move back south as her world is all about rodeo and there just ain't enough here for her!
Skip and Ty both guided for Grant this fall and had a good year with that as well.
Ty has 2 classes left to graduate and opted to take them in the 2nd semester. Joelene is doing well in school and is definetly liking the academic part of it better, smaller classes and the teachers genuinely seem to care!
We  are heading south to Arizonia for a couple months this winter so we are looking forward toward the warmer weather.
Well, I guess in a nut shell that is pretty much it!
THANKS TO ALL OUR HUNTERS WHO HUNTED WITH US THIS YEAR AND PAST YEARS, we have made good memories and friends. Take Care and also a special thank you to Mark Peterson who got me motivated to get my web site fixed so I could post again!!!


December 27th.
Hi Everyone,
We had a great Christmas just staying home this year. It was the 3rd Christmas our kids have got to stay home so it was kind of nice. We all got spoiled by Santa and ate weigh to much turkey. We went into Skip's parents for Christmas dinner and on Boxing day Grant, Shelly and the boys came to our house for supper. Had a great visit with them. Missed having my mom here but I guess thats how it goes.
Skip is anxiously waiting for his call on his Elk hunt. Rifle is sighted in, back pac loaded and he's ready to go!
Joelene went sking today and Ty is up in Calgary at Bass Pro, Skip changing oil in his truck and I playing on the computer.
December 30th/2010
Skip got the phone call today. Elk are where he wants them. He is pretty excited, hopefully he come home with a monster! Keep checking, I will post pictures is he has some for me when he gets home.
January 5th.
Skip's 44th birthday today, man we are getting old! Well I haven't hit 40 yet but I am sure it is not far away! Skip has been out Elk hunting and has turned down 330 ish bull. He know there are better ones in the area so he is waiting.
Also if you havent read on the site we have 1 spot left for big horn in 2011 and 6 for 2012. Our mule deer we are booking for 2013. Wish we had afew more of those mulie tags.
You all have a good day!